powersaving in XP



I have a samsung laptop. When I go on battery my screen gets darker. I know it's powersaving but I've looked all over the place to change the setting without succes. My battery is relatively new so I don't think this is the problem.

Anyone knows software for samsung to fix this?
This is XP SP3 I trust?

I don't have a Samsung laptop but I do have a Dell netbook that I've noticed goes a bit darker when disconnected from the main power. It used to go really dark until I fiddled with the Power Options a bit. The usual thing to check first would be updates for the graphics card.

Then check under Control Panel > Performance & Maintenance > Power Options and set to it to the Always On or Minimal Power Management option. The settings may vary on different makes of machines.

Meanwhile have you asked about it on Samsung and/or portable computer forums as well? I found one thread here that may help even though it mentions Windows 7: screen dims on battery and there are many more coming up using a Google search for 'screen dims on battery' or words to that effect.

Also on mine when I right-click the desktop to bring up Graphics Properties there's an option to enable Performance Mode, which I noticed stops extreme dimming. So it appears that depending on your machine there may be more than one place to look which tells me that notebook/laptop support forums geared towards Samsung may be of more help to you.

Sorry I wish I could be of more help.
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