Pre Loaded XP and WIN 7 dual boot quesion

Brad Morris

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I have XP PRO and Win 7 installed on two seperate hard drives. As I read thru the forum it looks like I can still use EasyBCD to make them Dual boot, correct?

Also, I might get to a point where I will not need to Use XP any longer, will I be able to "detach" them without screwing them up?



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Hi Brad, welcome to NST
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build from W7
add an XP entry, let it auto-configure
XP won't be touched, it will still boot stand-alone should you want.
consider this though


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Wow.... Really need to get EasyBCD 2.0 out ASAP with all the XP/7 and Ubuntu/Windows questions that have bee since fully automated!!!