Preparing for Vista multiple booting


I will soon be receiving a new machine and would welcome some setup advice.
My end goal is to triple boot between Vista, XP and a linux distro, probably Ubuntu 6.06
The machine will have 2 320 Gb SATA discs and no installed OS, but I will have media for XP Home and a voucher to upgrade to Vista in due course. I was thinking of partitioning one disc for the windows OSs and the other for Linux plus a FAT32 partiton for file exchange etc.
It looks as if EasyBCD 5.22 will be a good tool to achieve my goal. What initial setup (i.e. before I have Vista) would you recommend? When does EasyBCD come into play?
I was thinking of using ubuntu/gparted to partition initially, then install XP, then Ubuntu. But will the eventual Vista install cause problems?
Thanks in advance!
Hi RSS2, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

The recommended way of doing it:

*Partition your HD the way you want it, the way you suggested sounds excellent.
*Install XP
*Install Linux
*Install Vista to other partition
*Install EasyBCD on Vista
*Setup the "NeoGrub" option in EasyBCD to get Linux to boot.

That should do the trick!
Many thanks, Computer Guru. All OK so far, just awaiting the arrival of the Vista upgrade.

Incidentally, all my older versions of Linux failed to install, Core 2/Intel P965 issue I think. Ubuntu 6.10 sems to have gone in without a hitch.