Preparing for XP Install


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Hi guys

i need a help from you.
actually i have a thoshiba laptop with vista home i need to to install Xp as well as vista
otherwise i needs to change in to xp .pls suggest the each and evry procedures for this.


Hi Rayneman,
be aware too, if you don't know already, that now you're booting XP and Vista on the same machine, XP will be destroying Vista's system restore points.
If you use system restore, make sure you read the sticky thread about HnS (Vista Hide n' Seek) in "Ideas and Wishes" and download yourself the latest build.
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Sani welcome to NST!

The first thing you will want to do is read up on how to partition your hard drive. From there follow the steps in which Terry provided on how to install XP after Vista in the APC Mag article. That will get you to the point where we can help you with the install of EasyBCD and setting it up to dual boot.