Problem Booting From Third Hard Drive


I have three hard drives.​
First is Windows 7 Pro booting using EasyBCD 2.0.1​
Second hard drive has six Linux partitions Grub and Grub2 Boot loaders. (No Problem)​
Third Hard drive it doesn’t matter what I load if it’s Grub when I reboot using EasyBCD 2.0.1 the system boots to Grub and stops. If I boot from another distro on the second drive I can boot to the newly installed distro on sdc drive with no problem. Can grub be installed on a third drive and boot using EasyBCD???​
This may not be your problem; however,---------

A while back, I was attempting to quad-boot with Easy. I had 4 drives in my case. Three were SATA and the fourth was IDE. I was never able, and no one on this forum was ever able, to get the IDE drive to boot. I finally just gave up on it and decided that IDE & SATA won't mix.

All of the SATA drives would boot, & the IDE would boot if it was the only drive installed. But, not one time when there was a mix of drives.

Best to you with your problem.

Jerry in Anchorage
Try this

Here is how I have my system set up.
Vista & Seven share first drive.
Simply Mepis 8.0 on second drive
Simply Mepis 8.5 (two different installs) on third drive

Vista contains Easy.

Grub is installed on Root of all three installs of Mepis

Remove all Linux entries from Easy

Select one Linux entry to be "in charge" of all Linux entries, and create an entry for that ONE only. This one will eventually contain the GRUB entries for all Linux entries.

Point Easy to that entry. Should boot OK.

Boot into Linux

Navigate to each Linux install that you have & locate the "menu.lst" file and copy the appropriate boot line into the Bootable Linux "menu.lst" file. I find that there is a lot of useless crap in the "menu.lst" file. I only use the first entry.

What you should have then is TWO entries in Easy. One for Seven, and one for Linux. When you select the Linux entry, Grub should open the primary "menu.lst" showing all of your Linux installs. Select the one you want & away you should go.

The one thing that I am a bit nervous about is GRUB 2. I have never used it, Therefore, I haven't a clue if it will play well with GRUB.

I hope this gives you some assistance. I am a rookie at Linux, but learning. I really like Simply Mepis.

Best to you
Jerry in Anchorae