Problem booting from XP installation disc

I have a Dell XPS 420 with the followings:

Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9300
Windows VISTA

I'm trying to install XP in dos booting from the installation disc, but each time it's trying to start windows (at the end of the drivers loading process) there's a BSOD...

I used the same installation disc on another computer without any OS and it worked perfectly...

I've even try with a OEM DELL XP installation disc : same result...
Installed XP from another computer onto a USB hard-disk, XP starts normally but again when loading the drivers and starting windows : BSOD...

Does anyone knows how to get pass the BSOD or even boot XP when VISTA is on ?
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Hi Com, welcome to NST.
Is it an old XP CD (pre SP2) ?
If so it won't contain any SATA drivers and won't install on a new SATA PC without using the F6 option of pre-loading SATA drivers from a floppy disk.
Change your drive operation in the BIOS to SATA/IDE. To get XP/Vista working together you'll need to re-install Vista as well once you get XP working.
Answered your question in your other thread. Please do not post multiple threads on the same topic.
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Isn't there any other solution ?

I'm using a DELL OEM Windows XP SP3 CD...
Unfortunatly I've tried setting up the installation using the F6 button and installing the drivers (wich I got from DELL (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) from a CD but it doesn't work... I should use a floppy disk but new computers are built without them...

I'm not willing to reinstall VISTA and loosing all my files... (or maybe can I simply "repair" the OS ?)

I'm currently using RAID 0 (split) and I'm afraid changing the SATA/IDE in the BIOS would have some consequence on my files...

Also, I've sucessfully installed Windows XP on a USB Hard-drive (Western Digital My Book) tweaking some installation files to work on it and it started well on my laptop, but when it comes to my XPS system, it's starting but like I said It will stop. For sure the installation isn't based on the good hardware configuration (having been installed using my laptop DOS to install it on the USB hard-drive) but I was wondering if there was any way to re-install only the drivers from my XPS onto the USB drive using me laptop (beeing the only working way to start Windows XP), but I'm afraid the drivers won't install, the material isn't beeing the good one...
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Your problem can't be lack of SATA drivers if your CD is SP3, and there's no inherent problem with installing XP onto a Vista PC. (I did with XP SP2 - no problem)
I assume therefore that your problem is RAID related, but my experience of RAID is zero, so you'll have to wait around for any other RAID user to advise if there's anything special you should be doing.
Ok... Now the question would be : why won't Win XP start (well stop when actually loading Windows) on a USB drive cause of the RAID configuration ?

Wouldn't it be possible to make the RAID drive with VISTA kind of invisible ? Win XP doesn't need anything on those drives...

My drives are configured like this :

Hitachi 320 Go----
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>| Both in RAID 0 Stripe configuration (VISTA installed on them)
Hitachi 320 Go----

Western Digital My Book 500 Go USB drive (so not part of the RAID) with Win XP
Sorry didn't notice the USB external HDD reference before.
Windows isn't designed to be portable, or more correctly, is designed not to be portable, for EULA reasons. MS doesn't accept the concept of buying one copy of their software and using it in multiple places.
When we had a similar thread a couple of years ago, someone posted a link to a website of someone who'd circumvented this, but I can't recall it, or whether it would even be proper to post it if I did.
This forum won't ever assist in enabling software piracy, and though I don't think that's your aim or intention, MS might think that publishing such information would contravene the EULA.
In fact I've installed XP on my USB device because the XP installation disc wouldn't start in my XPS DOS (would stop when launching windows, after loading all the drivers) So I took my laptop (wich was running VISTA too, don't ask me why but the CD was working on this one, and successfully installed windows on my USB device, just had to change some .inf files to use USB device, won't go any further on this part, but it works, I can boot XP from my USB hard-drive using my laptop.) So the question is : why wouldn't the Installation CD of XP start with my XPS (no SATA error beeing SP3) and I don't think RAID is part of it (XP would have been installed on my USB drive if the installation process wouldn't stop just before choosing the drive to install it to) AND why when XP is all installed and running, would stop just before starting windows (all the drivers are loaded and everything) to show me the same BSOD as when I try to boot from the installation CD but wouldn't on my DELL laptop using VISTA ?

(I use the USB drive to not have any problem with my primary hard-disk AND because I'm not able to install XP directly on my XPS unit, if so I would have simply create a new partition. Furthermore, I'm only wishing to use this drive on my primary computer. That's why I was asking if there is any known way to tweak the drivers installed by my laptop for XP to be the good one on my XPS system (RAID drivers etc.) even if the material isn't present on my laptop. I tried installing the Intel Matrix Storage Device I use on my XPS, but it wouldn't because of minimal system requirements (my laptop not made to hold RAID drives).
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