Problem booting into vista


I have vista home premium(first). I paid someone to install xp but I can't dual boot and access vista. I tried using VistaBootPro but it doesn't work. I want to try EasyBCD but want to make sure I use it correctly. Local Disk (C:smile: is xp.
Local Disk (E:smile: is vista. I'm not sure which drive I should enter when I start EasyBCD. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Can you do Start | Run | C:\boot.ini <ENTER>

Keep trying a different letter (instead of C:\) above until it works. This is the letter of your boot drive.


I installed EasyBCD and it solved the problem immediately. On start up I'm able to choose between xp or vista now. Great forum.
I have EasyBCD installed on xp. I just configured NeoGrub BootLoader so Vista is hidden. The problem I have now is when I select NeoGrub to go into XP I'm givin this message.."Autochk Program not found Skipping Autocheck" on start up. After that I'm sent back to choose which OS go into again. Vista is ok. Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the help.

I have Vista(Drive 0, partition 0/partition 1).
............XP (Drive 1, partition 0).
I want to uninstall XP and use that free space for vista. I trust vista Can I do that? How?
I still keep XP (in fact I've brought it right up-to-date) because I still keep finding things (legacy software) that won't run on (or hang) Vista, and mainly because Vista won't support the TV function of my graphics card.
If you're sure you're never going to use it again, you should just be able to go into Vista admin services/computer mgmt/disk mgmt, right click on your XP partition and tell Vista to format it.
My experience when I removed a Linux partition in that way, was that EasyBCD immediately and automatically removed the option from the boot so I didn't even need to tidy up.
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I followed your instructions, when I right click Disk 1(XP). I only have two options, help and delete volume. What should I do?
You must have the same situation as me where XP is marked active even when Vista is booted ?
If so Disk Manager won't let you Format, but it shouldn't let you Delete either, though most of the other options should be there, so I'm a bit puzzled.
Anyway it warrants further investigation before you go removing the XP partition. Make sure that all the required boot files are on your Vista partition, not like mine on the XP partition.
and my addendum for background on where the boot files are/might be.
If you are sure that everything you need to boot Vista, is on the Vista disk, you should be able to delete the XP partition with Disk Manager, then when you right click on the empty space, it should give you the option to format it as a new partition which you can use for whatever you like.
Please check carefully first that you'll still have everything you need to boot Vista on its partition, or you'll end up needing to boot from the Vista DVD to repair Vista's boot.
^ Just an additional note:
The only way to make sure that Vista actually uses the copy of the boot files on its own partition would be to set it as the active partition as well (with a partition manager like Acronis or GParted).