Problem burning iso onto cd


Windows will no longer load following an "automatic update," thank you very much; and, since I bought computer with Vista preloaded, I don't have installation disks, quite a common problem from my understanding. So I was fortunate enough to learn about the downloadable recovery program in my search for a solution and thought, yippee, now I can fix my computer, but alas, has not been the case.

So, I downloaded the vista recovery iso file; I downloaded/installed ImgBurn, but when I go into Img Burn and try to select the iso file, but it doesn't show up on the list files to select from, even though it is clearly in my download folder. I noticed that the recovery file shows up as "torrent" under file type, whatever that means, as opposed iso file type, but if I remove the ".torrent" part of the file name, it then becomes an "invalid file type" for purpose of burning onto CD, even though it now shows up in list of files to be selected. So obviously I don't need to be changing the file name as downloaded, but I can't figure out why I can't select it to be burned in ImgBurn!

This should be a simple procedure from what I've read, so what the heck am I missing?

Please and thank you in advance for helping this technically challenged grandmother.
download this: Torrent - The Lightweight and Efficient BitTorrent Client

its a lightweight bittorrent program.

once you have installed that program you can download the iso, via the torrent.

you only have the torrent file not the ISO.

also, if you had Vista preinstalled, you should have a Recovery partition installed as well. If i am correct, that is what it to be burned to a DVD and used for recovery.

however i havent had to recover vista as of yet, so i dont know.

and My vista didnt come with a recovery partition, due to my installing it myself ^_^

when another, wiser member of this community reads, they should have much better advice to give.
Well, duh, how red is my face? I've downloaded the "torrent downloader" and am hopefully on the right path now. If not, I'll be back! You're a saint for taking the time to point me in the right direction. Thanks! :grinning:
no saint. just a member of a caring community.

We understand these machines maybe easy for us, but there is a plethora of others that dont know a lick.

any other question needed can be made in a new thread.

Thank you for you time,