Problem, cannot access other OS install


First off, this is my partition layout:

C:\ installed Win 7 there today, was WinXP x86
D:\ Apps
E:\ Games
F:\ Win XP Pro x64

What I had done was delete a bunch of crap off the C:\ system partition leaving only the Windows folder, ntldr, and a modified boot.ini

I installed Win7 x64, and for some reason did not pick up the WinXp x64 OS. I used EasyBCD to add this OS. But when I try to boot in to this OS, I hang, recieve an error along these lines:

ntldr is either corrupt or missing.

I need to get back in to my XP x64 install, HELP! I am really at a loss here...

In my case I ended up having to run the Win7 recovery after using the Beta to AutoConfigure as described in another post where you had suggested the same remedy, but included more instructions.

Still searching for an answer... thanks for trying
Deleting random files when you don't know what they're for is not a good thing (I've done it myself before being a user that doesnt like all his disk space being taken up). Long story short I ended up breaking the install deleting what appeared to be junk. Ended up having to re-install Windows.
Post a screenshot of W7's disk management and copy/paste the EasyBCD "display settings" output in debug mode, and we'll take a look and try to spot the problem for you.