Problem Connecting USB HDD


For a considerable time I have experienced problems connecting my USB, WD 1200 D036, external HDD used for WIN 7, XP and data back ups.
Rebooting PC sometimes helps, disconnect/connect USB connection, again sometimes, but no sure fire connect first time. On other occasions I have been notified that: " New hardware has been found, but Device Driver software was not successfully installed. "
Checked USB (powered) hub; no problems !
Have not been able to get any positive answers, asking around.
Any ideas, anyone ?
Joe. T.
I have a 500Gb Freecom ext USB HDD, and even though it has a separate power supply, it didn't like connecting through a hub with another couple of flashdrives. (insufficient power)
Try connecting directly to one of the PC sockets.
The fact that it sometimes works might be dependent on what else you have connected to the hub, draining power.
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What type of drive are we dealing with? From my searching i've only pulled up an internal model...

Whats the hub? Is the drive a MyBook model or a Passport model (Is it self-powered or powered off the USB port directly?)