Problem from New Zealand



I live in the UK but my son lives in NZ. He owns a compaq laptop C791WU and I have been trying to help him over the phone solve his problems.

After downloading movie maker it crashed his pc but after talking him through things on the phone I got him up and running again.

He phoned me this morning to say he is now receiving the message "Boot Manager \boot\bcd warranty error ID1008 replace HD one status oxc0000E.

I really haven't a clue what most of that means and it's difficult over the phone so if anybody can give me any help with the above I would be most greatful.

BTW He failed to make any backup discs when he bought the laptop so he has no restore discs.
Hi lona, welcome to NST.
does your son have access to another PC he can use to communicate with us directly ?
If so, get him to register and find this thread and we can save lots of time (and your phone bill).
Can't see him doing that as it's a case of keeping a dog syndrome. I have downloaded the vista bcd disc and instructions and am going to post them to him tomorrow. I hope it gets him back into windows.

Son got the disc but checked the bios to boot from CD but got a black screen with a _ only

Tried to type to get into the disc manually but keyboard would not type
I decided to burn the disc again and tested it out on my own vista pc to check that it worked. My son received the disc this morning and when booting up from it. Message reads "This is not a bootup disc, insert bootup disc". Don't know what else to try.