Problem getting Linux to boot EasyBCD 1.6


I am having problems getting my linux to boot. I installed Linux after win32 xp and vista x64 I choose to install grub to the bootsector installation completed successfully.

Here is a picture from my linux boot cd showing the installed drive for my linux install


Then i went to vista and added the disk to EasyBCD


Saved settings rebooted, the option for linux is in the vista boot loader but when I select it it says unable to find files. Also EasyBCD misses one of my drives which is another 75GB Games disk. Does it have a limit to how many drives/partitions can be shown in drop down menu?


The Linux install is Simply MEPIS newest build any ideas what im doing wrong ?
EasyBCD has no limit on the number of partitions it can show. If it isn't showing your Games partition, that's because its detected an error in the way Vista sees that partition. You can test it by pasting the output of this command here:

EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console
cd bin

Which partition did you install GRUB to? Which drive did you pick from the list in EasyBCD?
Hi thanks for your responce

Vista doesn't have a problem seeing any of the partitions or drives. They all are shown in win32 and linux boot cd also


Linux is installed on a 5GB partition thats part of my 200GB sata2 drive using EXT3 file system Grub is installed on the same partition. The first drive I added to EasyBCD was Linux 5GB option shown in picture. That didnt work so I proceded to add all of them and test them 1 by 1 but still doesnt detect Linux.

Using the Linux Bootcd I can see that Linux is installed as well as Grub.
Can you please print the output of bootpart.exe?

ANyway, if you added them all at once then tested them one-by-one that would never work in a million years - each time you add a new one, the old bootloader files are deleted :smile:

You'd have to create one, test it, delete it, create another, test it, delete it, etc.
Well gave up trying to get easybcd to work added my Linux install to the MBR of my other hard drive and was planning to just switch boot drive in bios. Booting up Grub showed me the option to load the Vista MBR found on my other disk though so it all works fine this way.

Thanks for trying to help