Problem modifying grub boot loader


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I am new to this forum and downloaded EasyBCD 2.0.2 with hopes of repairing my system. I had Win7 installed on a 500GB HDD labeled drive C: with 2 partitions. The 1st partition with 101MB and the 2nd with the remainder of the C: drive. Drive D: was a 1TB NTFS formatted drive for data storage and for running Steam program files. Drive E: was an 80GB drive where I had originally installed Debian Linux and was using the Bios for selecting the disk to boot operating systems. No problems until I wanted to try an updated Linux distribution (Open-Suse). I went through the install process, selected the correct disk but when the wizard configured grub, it placed the boot loader on my MBR on my Windows OS disk. When I tried to boot again, Linux was not on the menu and only Win7 was on the menu and failed to boot subsequently.
I attempted to repair the startup files three times using my Win7 installation startup DVD and then also checking BCD running bcdedit. While running the startup repair the results state that there is nothing wrong with my startup files and that it responded to boot successfully all three times but still would not boot. When I tried to run EasyBCD from cmd.exe, it would not recognize EasyBCD 2.0.2.EXE as an executable file or command.
I have since removed my 500GB drive and connected it to a computer running Win7, and I have gotten EasyBCD to install to that HDD. Now I am at a stand still as to where I should go from here. Should I install NEO-Grub to the affected HDD (add to HDD) and then remove after I find the grub installer? My plans are to disconnect all the windows HDD when I install debian Linux back on the 80GB drive, that way it doesn't modify any windows OS files or system partitions, or what would you suggest. I couldn't get EasyBCD to start on the computer because it wouldn't boot into windows or any OP SYS to begin with.
The only reason I want to keep the 80GB drive with Linux on it is to use it to build Operating Systems which I am beginning to learn from start to finish. Can you assist?