Problem to Boot Windows XP


When I start up computer a window to boot Vista or XP pop up. It`s OK.
Vista work OK but XP do not start. I get an error message. Have install EasyBCD 2.0
and select Entry1 for Vista c:\ and Entry2 for XP F:\
What is the problem?
Hello Space, welcome to NST

EasyBCD isn't the bootloader, its a utility that configures the bootloader. If you re-add an entry for XP and let it autoconfigure XP should boot.
Thanks kairozamorro,
The boot problem are fixed!

It is should be very helpful If I could print out every side of display in
EasyBCD for future remember of settings!
Vista snipping tool (C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe).
Take screenshots of what you want to keep, save output as .jpg in your Pictures folder.