Problem!!! Windows XP/VISTA doesn`t sees the HDD but the data is still on it!!


My name is Alex and i have a problem, BIG problem that i didn`t figured out how to resolve it. Sorry for writing so much but i need to explain for you to understand my "adventure for allmost 2 months".

I have 2 Hard drives, one is on IDE and the other one is on SATA, On the first one i Have instaled Windows XP and on the other one i have Windows Vista (that was provided with the sistem i bought) but never used Vista OS. In the begining there was no problem in windows XP seeing the Partition with Vista on it. After a month rolling only on Xp suddenly the partition was unaccesible XP telling me to Format IT, first time i thought it was a HDD problem (Crashed) but something stoped me from formating it. I`ve searched google for data recovery programs, till now everithing ok i found a program an i`ve saw that the data is still intact on the SATA drive then i thought it was an accesing error, boot files, MBR. I`ve used Partition Magic to see what was the problem and voila it is an accesing error then I`ve google-it the problem again read a lots of post form diferent PC specialists forums (even Microsoft) i`ve used the western digital data life guard to see the problem of the SATA drive and voila again, i`ve found the problem after a hdd scan the values of the bootrecord are modified in cylinder 0 data must be in header 1 but is in 32 and data from sector 1 is in sector 33. After using Partition table doctor i have read in the Edit Sector option the Ascii tree, tha data that is in header 32 and sector 33. It says something like this : " A disk read error ocured BOOTMGR is compressed press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart". Ok i have read about this phrase on Microsoft support center they say it is a incompatibility between XP and VISTA boot.:angry: I have tryed allmost all the programs everyone says something about this problem in rebuilding the MBR file but nothinh, even the Repair option from the VISTA DVD and the instructions found here Windows no longer starts after you install an earlier version of the Windows operating system in a dual-boot configuration still nothing. How can i solve this problem except formating the drinve and loose all tha data on it, I have tryed even EasyBCD and nothing :x. In the repayr console of Vista the HDD is visible and accesible but the lable is Unknown and doesn`t see`s any instalation of Vista. How can i change this MBR file or writeit anything to make it accessible in XP like it was before.

Sorry for the long writing
nothing with testdisk

Hi Alex, use TestDisk to recover the data.

I`ve tryed test disk but didn`t work, but i managed to reacces the drive using EasyBCD by using the power console in the beta version doing a check disk scand an fix errors. And now i have another problem only a part from the hard drive was recovered I think it is the root from the hard drive because it only displays 128 GiB capacity from 320 GiB and on the 128 GiB displayed are only 16 GiB occupied and the rest of 170 GiB are shown in the manage option from My Computer as Unallocated space but the data is still on it. A new challange waits me i gues, so can u help me acces the unnalocated space?!!1 plsssss