Problem with 2 Hard Drives


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Hi guys! I've really enjoyed EasyBCD features.
So, I wanted to install Ubuntu 8.10 from hard disk partition. I've put iso, kernel and ramdisk to root of FAT32 partition in my 1st HDD, 3rd partition (hd0,2) (I've also a bit edited menu.lst) As expected, booted perfectly to LiveCD. But it wasn't let me to install to 1st HDD's partition (Ext3 partition was created). It just showed that I have my 500GB (2nd) HDD.
So I created FAT32 partition with Gparted, and copied needed files to the root of that partition. Edited menu.lst to boot from (hd1,5). But unfortunately, when i clicked from Grub4dos my title, it just wrote:
Booting 'Install Ubuntu Linux' 
root (1,5)
And it stuck at this point.... Maybe somehow it can't boot to 2nd HDD?
Oh, I've my operating systems in 1st HDD.

Thanks for help.
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Hi Kugelinis, welcome to NST.
There is a problem with the grub syntax used by the latest Linux builds and the 1.7 release of EasyBCD.
Try using the 2.0 Beta which is compatible with the newer Linux.