Problem with an update to a working multiboot


Hi - I have had a 3 way multiboot running for the last month with no problems. Today I have added a new XP boot option and now my PC has no (USB) Keyboard when the option window is open. My original programs options were Win7, Vista and XP all on individual drives. I have just added a new XP drive and whilst I can see all drives I cannot pick one from the menu because the when the menu starts the keyboard goes off.?

Any comments would be appreciated
You can't add a second XP entry to the BCD, if that's what you tried.
The XP entry in the BCD doesn't point to XP. It points to the "system" partition, where it must find copies of the XP boot files. One of those copies (boot.ini) is what points to XP, and is where the extra XP system has to be added. (Multiple XPs have to be selected from a second boot menu after you've selected the single XP entry in the BCD menu).
Happily, if you use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, you can simply delete your XP entry(s) from the BCD, add a new one and let it auto-configure when it offers.
It will do everything needed to detect both your XP systems and create appropriate entries for both in a new boot.ini.