Problem with booting vista [caused by easybcd] URGENT.........PLEASE HELP....?

i installed vista two days back. Because of that i lost boot menu of ubuntu. So yahoo answer told me to install easybcd which will create vista boot manager.
But after restarting i am only getting memory test option in vista . I am not able to use vista. After the memory test it will come back to same menu
i am writing this from ubuntu (I installed grub form ubuntu forums
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Can you give a bit more detail please.
What did you do with EasyBCD ?
If Vista had installed normally, you would not need to do anything except add an entry to the BCD for Ubuntu.
You should not have done anything else.
Boot your Vista DVD and use "repair your computer" > "startup repair" (up to 3 times till Vista boots again)
Then use EasyBCD > "Add new entry" to add a Linux entry, and nothing else.