Problem with dual boot Win7 and Ultimate Edition Linux


Dear Sir,
Thank you for EasyBCD2.0.It works in Win7.
My problem is I have Win7 in HDD1 (SATA 320GB). I bought another HDD (an IDE 80GB) which I installed. On this HDD (IDE 80GB) I installed Linux Ultimate Edition 2.3. Now, every time the system starts, GRUB starts and I need to select the OS, either Linux or Windows. There is no problem with that, only I want Win7 bootloader to control this. EasyBCD 2.0 in Win 7 shows that only one entry is there in Bootloader, i.e., Win7.
In BIOS, order of HDDs is like this: 1) SATA 320GB, 2) IDE 80GB
How can I make this, change of bootloading work.
I am not an expert in software, so only if there is any easy method, please tell me.
Hello Happy, welcome to NST.
You can use the EasyBCD | Manage Bootloader | Reinstall the Vista bootloader | Write MBR option to put W7 in charge (make sure to first set the "system" partition to active first though). Then simply add a Linux (Grub2) entry in EasyBCD to get your dual-boot working using the W7 BCD.



EDIT: Actually, on second thought, you might want to check your BIOS first to see which HDD is first. If its your IDE drive that's first, you should move your SATA one up to first place, so you can still stand-alone boot Linux, should you need to in the future, by simply changing boot order again. Otherwise, leave the boot order as it is.
When the computer boots, it shows HDD 80GB as the first and as a slave (though I had selected "cable" when I installed the HDD), in the BIOS boot-up page, it lists HDD 320GB first and HDD 80GB in second place. Changing the order here does not make any difference to the GRUB loading. Anyhow, I will try EsayBCD to re-install Vista Bootloader (Does it install Win 7 bootloader ?) and try. The only other option left out after this is to format Linux partitions and install Win 7 bootloader with the help of the install DVD that I have.
Repair option with the install DVD did not work either, when I tried it.
Now, what I think is that the second HDD has become the first booting device and the GRUB must reside in it.
I shall keep you posted, thank you for the reply.Regards