Problem with dual boot Win7/XP with AHCI/IDE


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Hi !

I have a HP Pro 3400 MT running Win 7.
What I want is to setup a dual boot system with XP/SP3 added on a separate drive.
I have created a "slipstreamed" bootable CD with XP/SP3.
Using that CD I can create an XP systen if I have set up SATA emulation to IDE. But if I have set SATA emulation to AHCI ( the win7 system is using that ) I can't get past "loading windows" when booting from that CD.
What I get is an error message with 5 8-digit hex number.
I was under the impression that XP/SP3 should work with AHCI or......??

Any suggestion is appreciated

Mak 2.0

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