Problem with dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP


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Hey guys

I've been using Windows 7 since I bought my laptop, in the releaseday of Windows 7 (22nd of october 2009 I believe). After almost 1,5 years without problems, my Aero Theme suddenly stopped working and other weird stuff so I decided to reinstall Windows 7 (back in the day I made an .iso image of my clean Windows installation so when anything goes wrong I don't need to do all the usual stuff again like removing Acer's bloatware). So far so good, but I miss a few things in Windows 7 that I liked in WIndows XP so I decided to install Windows XP.

Now, my laptop came with 2 hard disks of 500 GB each, which makes 1 terrabyte of storage to use.

So I installed Windows 7 on C:\ and about a month later installed Windows XP on D:\. As you know installing Windows XP after Windows 7 was installed, the Windows 7 MBR gets changed/removed/whatever. So I installed .NET Framework 2.0 and then EasyBCD (newest version) on my clean WIndows XP installation, so far so good. I followed a tutorial telling me what to dual boot Win 7 and XP.

I opened EasyBCD, clicked on the Bootloader Setup button and selected the options Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR. Afterwards I selected Write MBR.

Then the tutorial told me to click Add New Entry which I did.
And under Operating Systems I had to select Windows NT/2k/XP/2003.
Then I had to click Add Entry, but then I got an error message stating that EasyBCD wasn't able to write in the register. So I tried all this again and no result.

So I thought, let's reboot the laptop but now I can get in my Windows 7 but I can't reach my Windows XP no more.

What can I do to reach both operating systems without having to go through all this stuff?