Problem with dual-boot Windows 7 - Ubuntu 10.10



I have installed windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10 on my pc.
I had 2 entries using neosmart easyBCD and everything was fine.
Every time I opened the pc I just had to choose the OS I wanted.

Suddenly, I could not boot ubuntu anymore. When I tried to open ubuntu, it got stucked.
So, I opened Windows, I deleted the linux entry and created a new one.
I also renamed the entry from "neosmart linux" to "ubuntu" and selected it as default.

-I am sure that I deleted the neosmart linux entry, not the windows one-

Now, THE PROBLEM is that when I restarted the pc, it gave me only 2 options, 1.neosmart linux - 2.ubuntu,
both open ubuntu OS.

Everytime I open my pc now, I have only these options, so I cannot use windows anymore (but I can still use ubuntu). What can I do?? :frowning:

Please help me! Thank you...