Problem with Dual Boot Windows Vista and 7 and Ubuntu


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I will try to be as brief as possible because this could get really confusing.

I have 3 hard drives in my computer and 1 external.

2 Hard Drives are in an Raid array and contain 1 partition with Windows Vista Ultimate.

The second Hard Drive has 2 partitions and the large partition has Windows 7 Ultimate. The small partition is just for storage.

The external drive is used for Ubuntu.

Here is what I did. I installed Windows Vista first. I then installed Windows 7. Then I installed Ubuntu.

I then installed EasyBCD on Vista, and set up the EasyBCD to use the Windows loader etc. So this there is a Boot Record on my Vista Partition. I set it up to recognize both Vista and 7.

I then set up Ubuntu and did not let it touch my existing partitions with the idea that I will only "turn on" the Ubuntu through bios to boot from that partition.

I then installed EasyBCD in Windows 7 with the "normal" settings set to recognize both Vista and 7.

So I have 2 different boot records on 2 hard drives. I did it like this so that I could set either the Vista Raid or the Windows 7 partition as boot and still be able to access each Operating System. But now, on my Vista Boot Record, when I choose the Windows 7 to boot I get a:

Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file.

It is refering to the winload.exe

Has anyone experienced this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It's Vista problem not recognizing W7 sig. (older bootmgr not recognizing newer).
You can circumvent by booting from W7 (which will recognize Vista) or by deleting the entry and adding it again with EasyBCD latest build