Problem with dual boot XP-SEVEN!!!!!!

I copy my old partitions from another disks to new SSD... Winxp and Seven! I already have easybcd on XP, and after I copyed the OSes I started easybcd from xp. I try to write MBR but the OSes don't start. Now I try the recovery from windows 7 disk. Windows 7 finally start... but when I try to start easybcd from Windows 7 I can enter only in Windows 7... if I try to select Winxp I have the error: "
[h=1]Boot error: status: 0xc000000f - winload.exe missing or corrupt"[/h]I don't understand what is the problem ... I can say however that from xp, letters assigned to the drives are different (on XP Windows 7 is "I", on Windows 7 is "C") and the bootloader originally, perhaps, is on a partition where there was Win98 (now abandoned but I don't want to delete). And XP is "E" everything.


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a) Winload.exe is the Vista/7/8 boot loader, not used for XP. Did you create an XP entry using the correct dropdown option ?
b) cloning XP can cause identity problems, check this
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