Problem with EasyBCD


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[SOLVED - IGNORE} Problem with EasyBCD

Yesterday all I did was move Vista up ahead of XP in EasyBCD table and make it the default boot and now I have two Vista Ultimates on my boot screen (as well as XP).
EasyBCD still says I only have two OS's the same as before.
Is this because Vista is now hidden by Bitlocker and I've screwed up?
In XP's own bootloader there are now just the XP entry.


Forget it, I managed to restore thimgs to the way they were.
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Hopefully nothing wrong with the program? (I'd guess you ended up with a duplicate Vista entry and deleting it solved the issue?)
I'm in Vista now and EasyBCD is in XP - it was something to do with moving the Vista entry up on whichever tab has that feature that it didn't like. Once I moved it back again it worked as before.