Problem with easybcd


when i open easybcd he diplay an error message "valid bcd registry not detected" so i clique on correct these issues but after choosing the boot driver and vista drive letter he
display "the store import operation has failed
Hi Bedis, welcome to NST.
Are you trying to use EasyBCD to control your boot on XP ?
EasyBCD is a GUI app for managing the BCD.
The BCD is a feature introduced with Vista and continued into W7. It does not exist in XP.
It is possible to run EasyBCD on XP, if XP is one system in a multi-boot with Vista or W7, because the BCD will exist on Vista or W7
It is possible to copy the Vista/W7 boot files onto XP and use them to control the XP boot, but you must own a valid licence for one of those systems.
OK. So Vista boots, but EasyBCD won't run ?
Check whether your Vista partition is marked "active".
EasyBCD looks for the BCD on the "active" partition. It won't find it if you have Ubuntu "active" with grub controlling the boot.