Problem with EasyRE iso file not being recognised by EasyUSB creator

Hi all,

I recently purchased the EasyRE tool. In order to get it to burn to a USB pen drive I downloaded Easy USB creater. I do have an issue, and it may not be the may be a problem with the ISO file I am trying to upload? I got the EasyRE download, because I read that as a recovery disk software it offered a feature to specifically repair the system restore, since I was having problems getting it to be re-enabled, after recently cloning my old hard drive onto a new SSD hard drive. The cloning was successful, but I was having difficulty as I said with the system restore. Anyway, the point being is your software would not recognise the EasyRE iso file, and neither did the EasyBCD software or even the Windows 7 USB download tool which I tried, even though I have Windows 8.1 it was supposed to work with it anyway. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you :smile:


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OK Good luck.


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It sounds like a bad download - or else a file that was mishandled. The original EasyRE download is an ISO image, and while it may (depending on the configuration of your PC) appear as a WinZIP or WinRAR archive, that is not the case and it should not be opened or extracted manually.