problem with grub


my computer has xp on c: and vista on d:. when i try to start i get this grub> i have no idea what this is and the help option just gives me a list of commands that i have no idea what to do. I really want to get into my d:
Hi Ralph, welcome to NST.
There's no need to post in several places, we'll see them all.
Could you explain a bit more about your problem.
How did you create your dual-boot ? How did grub get to be in charge ? Or is this just a system you've inherited without instructions?
Could you post a photo of the screen that you don't understand, and someone can advise you.
You can boot from a Vista DVD/Recovery disc and use startup repair to re-install the Vista bootloader. You may need to also readd an entry for XP if that is not working using EasyBCD.

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