Problem with laptop powering on automatically when plugged in + others


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I have a problem with my Asus ROG GL552VW. Lately it started powering on by itself when I plug it in. It doesn’t happen when it stays plugged in, only when unplugged and then plugged in again. When it starts up the keyboard backlight is turned off even tho I always have it on and it didn’t turn off on its own before. Another thing that happens is when it powers on by itself like that the date and time is messed up. I think that the date/time when it was unplugged stays. When that happens I can only change the date manually, but if I restart it, when I turn off and on again the “set time automatically”, only then it gets fixed (but I have to restart the laptop first). I tried scanning for viruses with my antivirus and a few files came up and I deleted them but nothing fixed. Does anybody have any idea what the problem is and how I can fix it?
Thanks in advance.


Maybe a BIOS setting? In my BIOS I can set my computer to automatically restart when power is restored, of course, mine is a desktop so it doesn't have a battery, but probably worth checking.