Problem with's RSS feed

I have added Neosmart's RSS feed to my Outlook to stay updated with the latest happenings on the site and to get informed of new versions as and when they come out. But for the last few months everytime Outlook does a Send/Receive. A fresh copy of blog entries on the site gets downloaded. I've come to point where its started to get annoying but I wouldn't want to remove the feed from my Outlook because I really like the EasyBCD software and I respect the site owner for it.

Here's a screenshot of my Outlook


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Hello Hardeep,

Thanks for posting! I see you've been a member of our site since 2009 - that's a long time! :smile:

What you're seeing definitely shouldn't be happening. Have you tried to unsubscribe from the feed, delete the posts, then subscribe again?
Thank you for a quick reply. I tried EasyBCD while trying linux for the first time. Its been a key software on my machine since then. You're doing a great job with this. :smile:

I'm pretty sure I've tried unsubscribing and resubscribing from Outlook in the past but I just realized the RSS feeds stay synced between outlook and IE. So now I've removed the feed from both the places, added it back to IE from the website. Will test for a few hours and get back to you with results.
Well, I hope that does the trick. And I've noticed your comments on the blog, thanks for sharing your feedback!
I'm glad it worked! That's great to hear, though it is odd that you had this problem in the first place. Hopefully it remains fixed.
I've been subscribed to it for quite some time but with Google Reader. It must be a bug in Outlook.
Try using this URI instead of the one you are currently subscribed to:


But it's definitely an Outlook bug.