Problem with Neosmart.nets system recovery for windows 7 CD


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I am in need of some help here.
I was reformating my computer and suddenly it crashed.
And because of that crash, my windows files became corrupted and now it wont start no matter what I do.

So, I took the 3 CDs that I burned as a backup but the weird thing is, the computer, somehow, didnt burn the two 1st parts, only the 3rd.
I began looking for a system recovery CD on the internet and I found Neosmart.nets.
I downloaded it, but it is only 135 mb?
It was in a RAR file, so I extracted the files (didnt touch the folders or anything inside)

I burned those files onto a CD. Then I inserted it in my broken computer.
Then I was pressing on F1, F8, F12 and whatnot, so I came to the boot-menu.

Then I press "repair your computer" but it doesent work.

Allt it does is getting me to this screen: (this is the screen I also get when I start the computer too)

Does neosmarts recovery files work to get this fixed?
Or can I fix it with other files or something?

All help is appreciated.


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Even when you've burned it properly, you will not be able to use it to fix a corrupted OS.
It contains no installation files.
It just contains the elements necessary to fix the boot files.
It's the disc you can create yourself from a working W7 via > "Control Panel" > "Backup and Restore" > "Create Repair disc"