Problem With Repeating Startup


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Hello there,

Sorry for being another person who pleas for help, (I've been reading a lot of the threads looking for advice =P) but I have no choice at the moment.

This morning when I tried turning on my Vista computer, the startup screen would just take much longer than usual, and suddenly it would say "Monitor going to sleep", turn black and start up again in a continuous loop. I've been working all day trying to fix the system, trying all the options from system restore to burning the iso for the vista bootloader and doing the startup repair, but they didnt work, seeing the same screens over and over again.

I tried to do step three in Repairing the Windows 7/Vista Bootloader became confused trying to do it (I'm not the best at computers as you can tell). If anyone can help me fix my problem, it would be very appreciated. =)

Thanks so much.
Try F8 as you boot > Last Known Good Configuration.
Try Safe Mode. Does it continue to loop?
Try system restore from the recovery disc. Are there any restore points?