Problem with Sound Card - Conexanant High Definition Smart Audio 221

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I hope someone can help.

I recently got a Compaq Presario C700 laptop with Vista. I do home recording. My recording software, Guitar Tracks, isn't supported by Vista however I found other software (Audacity, and MixCraft 4) that seemed to work. But every time I record on either of these, it only comes out of one speaker. Regular music (from a CD, myspace, etc) plays fine.

I checked that I'm recording properly and I've got everything set to stereo as it should be. I've searched the web and your website and can't seem to find an answer to this problem.

Do I need some kind of driver for this soundcard? I'm not very high tech so sorry if that's a stupid question. I did find an article called "Digital/Analog Audio & Sound Drivers for Windows Vista" but this soundcard wasn't mentioned.

Any advice you can give is appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out! Thanks.
Hi Gina, welcome to NST.
What's the recording device ? MIc ?
Does it have a stereo jack, plugging into a stereo socket ?
If you're playing pre-recorded stuff in stereo, it doesn't seem that you've got a driver problem, but a problem getting a stereo signal into your sound card.
HI Terry and thanks for answering. Yes, I'm plugging a mic with a stero jack right into the laptop. With my old software (using Windows XP) this always worked. Now all of a sudden the same setup gives me problems with 2 other kinds of software. How do I get a stereo signal into the sound card? Maybe it IS the way I'm recording but I did check both to make sure the settings were right...
I've had problems in the past with the contacts between the jack and the socket where the lengths of each obviously didn't match precisely.
Can you observe the input signal switching between the left and right channels as you slowly plug in the Mic ? (as the tip contact on the jack passes over the middle contact in the socket)
Have you access to a different Mic to check whether that works ?
Huh...well get this. It works now! Maybe it had to do with the way my jack was (or wasn't) plugged in. But I SWEAR I always plug it in all the way. And I didn't change any settings. Well...whatever! It works! Thank you for your time. :smile:
Great ! glad everything's OK now. Let us know when your next album is released.
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