Problem with triple boot XP,Vista,Windows 7


hi guys i hope you can help me, first off i had no problems with my system it was working perfect triple booting XP installed first followed by Vista and then W7 the problem is i had accidently activated acronic operating system selector, thats where the problems started, being that the os selector build didnt support w7, i could no longer boot to w7 so i uninstalled the os selector, than reinstalled w7 now the problem is i can boot to vista and w7 but when i try to boot to (earler version of windows) (xp) my computer just reboots, just to add im running a raid 0 with 3 partions one for xp drive letter i vista letter C and w7 letter M the vista bootloader shows all 3 os. can you guys tell me what happened and is it possiable to get my xp to boot again with vista and w7 ? i would greatly appreciate any help i am very nervious going any further with out some expert opions, advice due to my xp and vista installs are old with alot of programs i would hate to have to reinstall everything thanks in advance for any help you can give me
Hi bk, welcome to NST.
Are you using EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7)
delete the XP entry, add it again, accept the offer to auto-configure the XP boot, don't change the disk letter for XP that it sets up.
Ok i deleted the xp entry and than add the entry, what happens now is when i select the xp to boot instead of my computer just restarting, i just get a blank screen, 1 question i had is when i add the xp entry easy bcd wants to use the C drive when my XP partition is on the i drive. should i change the drive letter to the i and than let the program rebuild the boot files? as of right now vista and W7 still work fine if i change that drive letter will vista and W7 still work?
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no, you shouldn't change anything. Just let EasyBCD do it's thing, and that will be all.