Problem with triple boot


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Hi there,

I had dual boot Windows/Linux (two hard drives) for a while now, and have been using EBCD sucessfully.

I recently bought a third hard drive and installed Linux Mint 17.2 on it. So I have now 3 drives, one OS on each drive : windows 10/Fedora 22/Linux Mint 17.2.
I added an entry in EBCD for Linux Mint. Whereas the 2 old entries (Windows and Fedora) work fine, when trying to boot Linux Mint it hangs for a while saying
"GRUB4DOS 0.4.5c 2014-01-17, root is (0x80,1)
Processing the preset-menu ..."
Then it switches back to my Fedora22 grub (from which I can successfully boot Fedora or get back to Windows boot menu created by EBCD).

No problems booting in Linux Mint using this drive as 1st in boot order in UEFI though : the install went fine.

This could be related to this post :

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,