Problem with USB Creator

I am not a techie, so I'm having problems with the USB Creator. When I open it, it asks for an ISO File and a Destination Drive. I have no idea what these are. I want to create a USB to restore my Windows Vista laptop to its factory settings. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


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An ISO file is a single file image of the contents of a CD (or DVD).
If you burn such a file to a CD it will create a CD. That CD can be complex (Like a Windows Installation disc) with thousands of files and folders, but the ISO is a single file image of the whole thing, used specifically to burn a new copy without needing to copy file by file.
It can also be used (as in USB creator) to create a flash-drive which is functionally equivalent to a bootable optical disc. "Destination drive" is the letter associated with the flash drive you want to put the ISO on.