Problem with vista recovery disk


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Hi neosmart, i recently got a laptop and was on it, walked away for a bit and it went to updates, i decided i needed to finish a homework assignment so i shut it off, i know it was a stupid thing to do now that i relize i feel like an idiot. But whenever i start i get a message like "Updates were not configured correctly. Reverting Changes. Please do not shut off your computer" I realize now that i shouldnt have shut it off. But i have left it for almost two days doing what it wants and no results, so i downloaded the vista 64 bit recovery disk, burned it as an image file, but when i boot from it i just get a blinking cursor, and nothing else but a black screen, i wasnt sure if it was 64 or 32 but pretty sure it was 64 bit, if anyone can help with this it would be a big help.