Problem with XP and Vista boot


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I had a dual booted system with XP and Vista that was working fine. However, I decided I really did not need XP more and wanted more hard drive space. XP was located on the C partition while Vista was on the D partition. I did not do my research and just uninstalled windows xp without deleting the entry out of EasyBCD.

I tried all the steps from the Vista DVD console. The fixMBR and all that located on one of the threads here. None of that worked. I reinstalled Windows XP into the C parition and downloaded EasyBCD and set it up. I have followed all the correct steps to get set up to dual boot again and none of it works. It just boots straight into XP every time.

Any suggestions?
Hi Tim, welcome to NST.
I'm not exactly sure from your description what your initial problem was.
You got rid of the XP partition forgetting that it contained all the boot files, and then Vista wouldn't boot ?
You tried repairing the Vista boot and failed ?
You've reinstalled XP and that's all that will boot now ?

Is that a correct summary ?

If so what do you want to do next ? a)Get XP dual booting ? or b) just get Vista to work by itself ?
If a) have a good read of the sticky thread, or b) have a read of this wiki article.
Copy bootsect.exe from your xp partition at \program files\neosmart technologies\easybcd\bin to perhaps the root of Vista's partition. Delete the XP partition. Make Vista's partition active. Have you tried startup repair from the Vista DVD 2 to 3 times? fixmbr is for fixing XP boots (unless they've updated it now for Vista) so that wouldn't have worked. Try the basic steps before resorting to the command line. Assuming your copied bootsect file is at the root of your vista partition, the drive is considered c:, and startup repair hasn't worked, try:

cd /d c:\
bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force

For extensive troubleshooting advice take a look at the sticky Terry linked to.