Problems booting Fedora


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Today I've installed Fedora ( whole disk), and during the install I've disconnected my two drives where Vista is installed, and my backup-drive, because Fedora had some problems with these. I thought, that it would be no prob, adding Fedora to Vista's boot menu. After I've rebooted, connected the other hard disks and modified the menu.lst and the with a live-system, according to the current config. But is still get an error from GRUB (error 17). Why doesn't it work? Have I forgot something?

Hope, someone can help me.
I beleive this is due to the fact that GRUB was not installed to the Vista boot drive. Where the Vista boot loader is looking. Try using the steps outlined in the wiki to solve this issue. Follow the steps in the Ubuntu section on how to add Ubuntu but it will be like adding Fedora instead.

Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Can also read thru the Fedora specific wiki and see if any info there helps.

Fedora - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
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