Problems During Install of Vista


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Hello, I have a problem. While attempting to re install Vista Ultimate the cd had and error when it got to 99% extraction and froze there. After good long while I got the message that install could not be complete, reboot and do a repair. Well now when I try to reboot I get the error message " windows failed to load because the system registry file is either missing or corrupt" status Oxc000000F

Is there any way to get this file off of another vista OS? Or a way to make a bootable cd from another computer running Vista?

Last question, Do you think if I purchase another copy of Vista online will I be able to copy it to an external hard drive and do an install from there, or should I just wait and get a cd?

Laptop-- Toshiba Qosimo
OS-- Vista Ultimate
Processor speed I don't remember off hand
Hi Gator, welcome to NST.
If you can borrow another Vista DVD (any flavour from Basic to Ultimate) from a friend, re-reinstall using the key from your box, not the borrowed copy.
All versions of the OS are on the DVD, the key you use tells Setup which files to extract and which version you have paid for.
If you don't know anyone with Vista and you're forced to buy another copy, buy the cheapest OEM Basic you can find and install it with the full-retail Ultimate key from the other box.

I take it you've tried cleaning the DVD (use radial strokes from the centre to the rim, don't use a circular motion following the data pits), and you've tried reading it on a different drive in another PC (if you only have one in yours).
If the DVD is readable on another machine, you could also try borrowing another optical drive for the length of the install.
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