Problems in installing Mac after installing EasyBCD?

I've been using EasyBCD for a year now, and I was running my PC with windows 8.1 and Mac(iAtkos ML2). Recently, I've upgraded to Windows 10, and after which due to some problems, I've to reinstall EasyBCD. Since then, I'm unable to use Mac.
First, I checked Mac for any problems...Nothing. I tried wiping the partition and reinstalling it...but my PC restarts after a minute or two, when the installation disc is inserted. I checked the disc for any problems, tried it installing on another device, which works fine.
Also, I noted something strange, while booting, the windows logo appears and loads and after some seconds, screen goes blank for a second or two, and the windows logo appears again and starts loading, and shows my login screen.
I tried solutions for all possible problems, mine is BIOS pc, and fast-boot disabled. Now I'm at a ded end, and the only thing I haven't suspected yet is EasyBCD. Any Idea on this thing?
Thanks in Advance...