Problems Installing vista


Hello everyone. I hope you guys can help.

I am trying to dual boot xp pro and vista from two separate hard drives. Xp is on drive c and vista is on d. Problem is I can't get vista to boot.

I am thinking of installing EasyBCD to solve this. Question after i install Easy Bcd to drive c, does the software install tom correct the booting up problems i have with Vista in drive d. Is this the correct way the go?

Any help welcomed
Hi vicar, welcome to NST.

EasyBCD should do what you need. I suggest taking a look at our XP-Vista dual-boot documentation @ Windows XP - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki and seein where you currently stand, then continuing from there.

You probably need to use EasyBCD to rewrite the Vista bootloader, and perhaps add an XP entry to it as well.