Problems Multibooting Fedora 13


Hi, everyone!

I want to use EasyBCD 2.0 to boot Fedora 13 on a system with Windows XP and Windows 7. When I try to load Fedora, I usually get a blank screen with a blinking cursor. I've also tried ticking "GRUB isn't installed to MBR/bootsector," but I receive an "Error 15" message. I've attached an image of my hard drive configuration. As you can see, each OS is installed to its own drive, with XP apparently containing the MBR.

Please be patient with me, as I'm a complete Linux neophyte--a total newbie!

Many thanks for your time and attention.



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I believe F13 uses grub2,
Select that from the dropdown after deleting the previous Linux entry.
Damn... I totally forgot to check what bootloader F13 uses....

I'm downloading it now, should have this sorted out (either we're going to need to fix something or we're not) within a day's time.
OK, thanks for confirming that.

Please create a new Linux GRUB entry in EBCD2, but this time, tick the "GRUB is installed to the MBR" checkbox.
Very confusing.
I did a Bing search on "fedora13 grub" and the top hit "" extract says "you need to edit your /boot/grub/grub.conf file", which I took as proof that F13 is using grub2.
However if you click that very link, the text is all "menu.lst" references, so I don't know where the extract came from !!

I must have the wrong path then for GRUB1 in Fedora.

I currently scan
{"/boot/grub/menu.lst", "/grub/menu.lst", "/boot/grub.conf", "/grub.conf"};

Changing it now to:
{ "/boot/grub/menu.lst", "/grub/menu.lst", "/boot/grub.conf", "/grub.conf", "/boot/grub/grub.conf", "/grub/grub.conf" };


Please try with EasyBCD RC4.

Check the "GRUB installed to the MBR" checbox.
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Hi bcarr1122,
I read your Probelm, but can't help you...
On my Computer, I would rebuild the MBR, deinstall EBCD and then, after a reboot, new install EBCD and set new all OS-Entrys.
(Remember to make TOTAL-HDD-Image Backup)
I self have a Problem with my DreamLinux.
Booting with Win7 (x64), or WinXP (x86), oder LinuxMInt ist OK.
DreamLinux adding is (in the moment) not possible...(bevore it was Ubuntu and Kubuntu too and was OK).

Greetings from Germany,
Thanks for the advice, STRUPPI.

I recently downloaded a trial version of Acronis Disk Director 11, partitioning software that also includes "OS Selector," Acronis' own boot manager. OS Selector loads Fedora without a problem, except that it costs $50. I'm a poor student with a disability; I'll be darned if I'll pay $50 for the privilege of choosing my operating system.

I wonder why OS Selector succeeds where EasyBCD apparently does not? :S