Problems using EasyBCD with Mac Mini Boot Camp installed....

Hi Everyone! I have an issue I'm sure one of you have came across. I have a Mac Mini on a dual boot using Apple Boot Camp. HD is split into two partitions one being OSx and the other being Microsoft Windows 10 Pro both operating systems work and boot-up fine with Apple's boot-camp. Holding down the ALT key brings you into a choice of what operating system you want to use. I didn't like apple way of doing a dual boot-up so I've read and decided to use EasyBCD for my boot-up options. I installed it and configured it to look at both drives and give me a nice toggle choice as to what OS I would like to use. But it seems the apple boot-camp is now interfering with it and so I get errors on the mac side before going into the easybcd and giving me a choice. And when EasyBCD loads it will launch my Windows Pro partition but it does not find my OSx partion. Anyone guide me into fixing this? I would like to use only the EasyBCD software to give me boot choices...


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
You're unfortunately going to keep running into issues like that as you're using two different and incompatible boot loaders. If you don't like the OS X bootloader, I would recommend trying rEFIt, which is an open source replacement for that which might provide what you are looking for.