problems with executing easybcd



when i try to start easy bcd i get this error message:

EasyBCD has encountered a problem.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

illegal character in path.

it all started when i executed an old version that i had in my computer i think that it was 2 beta, and it asked me to upgrade, when the upgrade was finished, i couldn't use the program anymore.
i tried to install it in diffrent locations and even copied it to the root folder of a DOK, but no use.....

anyway, i want to make a dual boot with windows 7 and leopard, i once used easybcd to do it, but now i can't use the gui of this program, so is there any way to do it manually?
well, sort of, ever since i upgraded the version i had to 2.02, i get this error message.
any idea how to resolve it? or how to workaround in a manual method?
Can you delete this folder:


and try?
i tried now to install an old beta build, it works until EasyBCD 2.0 Beta - Build 90.exe
since then and to the last version i get the error message.

the program is installed in C:\apps\utils\easybcd

i tried the default c:\program files\neosmart\easybcd
and i got the same message