problems with ie after virus hit my computer


i was minding my own business actually doing some work at where i work(insurance agent) and go hit by the windows virus pro virus, found the fix it file that told me what to delete out of the registry to get rid of it, did that, but now my internet explorer is acting squirrelly and giving me messages like internet stopped working looking for solution, then pretty much saying it will shut down, some times it does somestime i get to go where i want, but it also doesn't want to use search engines, the rest of the computer is fine, but sometimes when i start it up the screen goes orange and when i run the windows validation tool, it told me that i had a corrupted version to windows, got this laptop from a friend and use it for my job. she how ever lost the disk that do the restore and had the drivers on it. so i really cant reformat and start over, don't really want to, but can i do a restore from the restore disks that you spoke of on other threads, what should i do any advice is welcome, by the way it is a dell inspiron 6400,with vista home edition 32 bit, at least 3 years old. will check back tommorow, and i will be asking some more questions at later dates im sure, so be patient with me ,i have more than one computer by the way i also have a toshiba that i think i have to send off to get repaired but that will wait for another day.
I would run another scan with something like AVG free to make sure any other problems are detected and removed. If you've got internet explorer 7 on the system still you may be able to fix IE by upgrading to IE8 (which should be available either through WUD or by download from MS). If you've got IE8 on the system already try uninstalling it using Control Panel -> Programs and than re-installing it.
that i haven't tried but i did manage to make a vista 32 bit installation disk from this website so that maybe i can reinstall but i have tried that and discovered that my vista partition,that was on the cpu when i got it, is corrupted. now what do i do , short of having to spend 100 dollars to buy the program and put it back on i think im screwed, can you do this though, go from vista to xp, i have a xp disk at the house, but my silly daughter in law lost the product key, how do i get that back and can i reformat and take it back to xp.
You can't use our recovery CD to reinstall. It has no installation files, only the ability to fix the boot process.
Do you have XP still installed ? If so you can find and decypher the original installation key from your registry.
thanks yea i figured that one out ,that is how i now know that my partitiona is corrupted, no i had vista oem on this computer, i was wondering how to get the product key, thanks for the link by the way i am trying that. but can i reformat and take the computer from vista to xp or do i have to stick to vista, thank you guys are great and smart. i have really appriciated the advice.
The product key well be for Vista if that's what you had installed. You can't use it to downgrade to XP.