Problems with iReboot 1.1.1


For many years I have used boot managers (originally Bootmagic, now OSL2000) to choose and run OS's in three primary partitions, very successfully.

I saw an article about iReboot in a magazine and it looks to be a useful product.

I downloaded and installed it to an Xp partition on my machine. I rebooted and ran iReboot - result - NO Operating systems listed in the Tray pop-up.

I uninstalled OSL2000, rebooted the machine (now with no boot menu) - it defaults to the last active primary - Xp with iReboot installed. However the result is the same - still no OS's listed in the Tray pop-up.

Any suggestions please?

Quote from the original documentation

iReboot interfaces with the Vista BCD (so the Vista bootloader is a requirement) and sets the operating system your PC will boot into the next time you restart.
Re Xp, Vista and iReboot

Thanks - the PC in question only had Xp on the three primary partitions - MUST Vista be present, or will Windows 7 be OK?

Yes, when that was written W7 didn't exist.
It uses the same bootloader, so now we'd write "Vista/7 bootloader".
Can't boot to any partition

I intend to install Windows XP on my Vista pre-install notebook. After preparing a 5 GB partition using Vista's disk management tool, I reboot with my Windows XP installation CD. All drivers loads fine until the moment before the XP installation starts. This message keeps coming up even after trying many times.

Then I install EasyBCD to my Vista OS triyng to find a way to solve the above problem but in vain.
Thinking that iReboot might help, I install it in my Vista OS, and select to boot from the 5 GB partition above. Nightmare starts because the 5 GB partition contains no bootable files. This message pops up and I can't even boot to my Windows Vista OS.

Kindly please help!

Thank you.
Windows XP Professional SP3. A copy of this XP SP3 was installed as guest OS in my Vista Home Basic OS using Oracle's VirtualBox, and no problem in accessing the host partition.

Thanks for the 2 links, I need some time to digest it first.
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iReboot isnt going to help you in this matter. iReboot is only a quick restart method used to go from 1 OS to another when the dual boot is setup properly. The error message you are getting is Inaccessible Boot Device when trying to install XP.


Now the trick comes in is trying to figure out why. The only thing i can think of is trying to switch from ACHI to IDE mode and see if XP allows you to install.
1. I manage to solve the Vista bootloader problem using the Vista_Recovery_Disc.iso as mentioned in . Downloading from the torrent link is horribly slow and there is a similar file from mediafire. (126,310,400 bytes; exactly same size). In my case, it only takes Step One as mentioned in the link.

2. As for the blue screen, I change AHCI to IDE in the BIOS, XP allows me to proceed in the installation. But my Vista SP2 also cannot boot under IDE mode. ( Testing done before proceed with installation )

Looks like enabling AHCI mode after installing Windows XP becomes an essential part in my case.

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