Problems with latest Easy Recovery not detecting windows on any partition


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I had an old windows 10 version of easy recovery I bought last year which booted up and when I went to automatic repair it said my windows version was too new, fair enough. I then put latest copy and go through same process and it doesn't detect any windows 10 installs , support take days to get back to me and only give me another link to download again , which I do and try and same problem. Anyone else had this issue, trying to solve a boot problem and I know windows 10 is installed on second partition older version of easyre can detect it why can't newer version? Have attached screen shot , thanks in advance for any assistance.



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I have just purchased EasyRE today and had the same problem. I've tried several times and it won't find either of my working Windows 10 installations. I have emailed support for advice and help but I don't hold out much hope and will be asking for a refund as, sadly, it is currently useless to me. I was really hoping that it could iron out a problem causing Win 10 to freeze occasionally - the blurb convinced me to buy when normally I would rely on my own research and free software to fix problems.


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I am having the same problem. EasyBCD does not work and now EasyRE cannot find my W10 which is on Drive C. Also, it will not run any other of its functions telling me I have to buy the EasyRE which I did and EasyRE sent me a receipt saying so. I wrote software for 20 years and something llike this would never have gotten out of test and review.