Problems with using vista recovery disc repair


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I recently downloaded the Vista x32 recovery disk. The problem I have is that my computer has from what i can see a single damaged system file, i cannot specify which one because the BSOD i get stating the problem dissapears far too quickly for me to catch the name of the problematic system file.

I inserted the disk, booted from it. Selected my language and chose to repair my computer.

It then scanned for problems and spent about 20 minutes repairing. Once complete it informed me: Windows has found a problem it cannot repair automatically.

Has anyone had this problem and resolved it? any assistance would be greatly appreciated, im currently running the repair feature again and will post my results once complete.


Caught the file name in the BSOD it's: System32/config/COMPONENTS


Upon running startup repair once again It now reads:

Root cause found:

Boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully.

Could anyone perhaps help with this issue, i have no idea how to fix a corrupt system file when the repair tool in windows and on the disk both assume everything checks okay with the OS. I've checked the entire log and everything checks success, but still i cannot boot up my laptop without getting the same BSOD

Now the problem file has changed it is now System32/config/Security
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Hi Ghostless, welcome to NST.
Your problem is that it's not the boot as such that's broken. You're getting just past the boot and hitting an OS problem.
There's no point in doing "startup repair" from the recovery disk.
First thing to try is to use the "system restore" option from the same screen and try going back to a time before the problem started.
If you don't have a suitable restore point, you could try "command prompt" and run a chkdsk /f against your OS partition to see if it can fix any bad blocks.
If none of this works, get a live Linux distro, burn it, boot it from the CD and use the desktop "places" (Explorer-type) facility to navigate to your user files and rescue them to external storage.
Then you'll have to use the OEM recovery partition to restore your OS or factory-reset the PC.