Problems with Vista after XP dualboot


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Hello people,
In my search for answers i stumbled at these forums, which seem to be quite helpful place. Tried reading several threads, not sure any of em were exactly what could help me solve my problems.
specs: Vista 64-bit/XP sp2 on a single HDD, XP was first.

More about the problem: few days ago i started getting this frustrating problem. After using my PC and shutting it down, i can't even get to bootloader menu anymore. I just see this small line right after bios info and nothing else happens. First time it happened, i figured it could be something wrong with MBR. If it makes any difference, my PC had this (not so) frequent problem with nvidia 750i chipset + 2 SATA drives (just google if u want details), and after frequent hangs and boot failures (tho not the same ones i'm having now), i figured MBR could have gotten damaged. Anyway, booted my XP installation cd, made a "fixboot", booted into WinXP and opened EasyBCD 1.7.2, selected "reinstall vista bootloader". After restart, i am able to see bootloader with previous settings again, i also am able to boot into Vista OR XP, no problem. BUT, after shutting down once more, i can't see bootloader again !

After few times of this happening, decided to try "chkdsk" command in XP repair console. After running few tests, it shows that in partitions of each OS there is some boot sector error or something and it shows that chkdsk was able to fix em. Anyway, after the scan PC restarts again and i can't boot AGAIN! Seems chkdsk messes something up instead of fixing it.

It's seriously frustrating and I'm afraid of messing up my HDD. If any of you guys could help me on this I'd be so grateful ! Oh, another thing i think i should add: prior to this installation i had 32 bit Vista, over which i installed 64 bit one to try it out. Maybe that could have something to do with all this? Thanks!